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  • MJ Shelson

    the BEST journal idea I've always wanted to keep a journal..I think I could do this for myself and actually enjoy it! Would be great for kids as they get older too.

  • Jill Hutchins

    For upper grades- These are AMAZING journal pages!! I think I would use some of these for quick write ideas!

  • Simply Dreaming

    For upper grades - These are AMAZING journal pages!! #writing #journal #prompts #school #learning #teaching

  • Cindy Roberts

    BEST journal ideas: she has tons of possible journal pages for upper grades

  • Lindsey Ann

    For upper grades- Free printables -- These are AMAZING journal pages!!

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Journal Ideas. Id like to do this w the kids. It would be great to see their responses. Maybe even frame.

Here is a fun page you can use in your journaling. I made it based on a Pin from work by Michelle LaPoint Rydell, which you can see here, on her blog, "Inspiration Everywhere": inspirationeveryw... Feel free to print this out and use it. The link takes you to my Flickr page for the high-res download!

prek Writing Ideas How To’s – brush teeth, do laundry, bake cookies People and Pets - Mama, Papa, grandparents, cats Events – parties, trip to library, holidays Their World – rain, home, school, grocery store Likes – food, clothes, places, television shows Feelings – sad, happy, angry Learning – topics of interest such as planets, wild animals, weather, numbers

50 Free Printable Journaling Pages! I printed these pages in black and white, and now they are ready for me to color them in and journal on them!

MUST DO! Print these out as many inspirational quotes, get starters, evaluators etc. Reformat to suit my student's journals! soooooooo inspiring and awesome!

Amazing FREE journal pages - so beautiful and perfect for older grades!

Journal Ideas. Id like to do this w the kids. It would be great to see their responses. Maybe even frame.

daily doodle journal - maybe an interesting way to get students involved and paying attention. Doodle of a chapter? Doodle of a sentence using a specific phrase type? Doodle of something you learned?

This is such a creative and wonderful way to document a day. Be inspired to create your own visual journal of a day using various doodles, elements and fonts.

This series of journal entries guides students as they delve into their characters, helping them create a persona that they can bring to life on stage. Included is a black & white cover page so you can put together an attractive looking journal for your students to use as they work through the many different facets of their roles.

I want to try and write in a journal. I always have so many thoughts runnign through my head at every second of the day. Sometimes I want to remember them but its impossible for me to recall them, Maybe a journal could help organize my thoughts... #journal #thoughts

Smashbook - Even if it got filled out once a month, what a journal it would be!