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  • Maggy Tasker

    Deep Sea Anglerfish

  • Shimmer

    Deep sea creature

  • Leslie Jimenez-Polovinkine

    Deep Ocean Sea Life | never-seen-before prehistoric marine life in the depths of the ocean ...

  • Joosepien

    A deep-sea fish at a depth of over 1000 metres at the Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea.

  • Vik Toria

    deep sea angler fish

  • Doug Harrington

    The deep-sea anglerfish is well-adapted for living in a dark world where the pressure is 140 times greater than on land. "Learning more about these creatures' primitive eyes and brain could help neuroscientists better understand human vision," research team leader Justin Marshall says. "We could also design better cameras and illumination systems because, as we've seen, nature often gets there first."

  • Theresa Griffith

    Deep-ocean cameras capture deep-sea animal

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Anglerfish - color doesn't matter at the bottom of the sea. Represents seduction, false security, terror, isolation.

Deep Sea Anglerfish Fish | Deep Sea Anglerfish Predation | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

...there is a silence where no sound may be in the cold grave under the deep deep sea.

Deep Sea Glass Squid: These cool looking animals can be found in the middle depths of the ocean where the sun-lit water combined with their transparency makes a pretty good camouflage. Most of the Glass Squid species have a swollen body with incredibly short arms. Also, they will often have a large chamber filled with Ammonia which they use to assist with their buoyancy control.

the deep ocean. Octopus legs look like roots of a tree...Kinda interesting that the function of the tentacles on those legs are similar to those of a root of tree.

Eerie Anglerfish The terrifyingly toothy anglerfish became a common occurrence in little kids' nightmares ever since it chased Nemo and Dory in Pixar's "Finding Nemo." To attract prey, the scary-looking fish uses a bioluminescent "fishing pole" that hangs just above and in front of its toothy face. The lure is actually a piece of dorsal spine packed with millions of glow-in-the-dark bacteria.

Sea star with school of silvery fish, Mayne Rock, West Coast of Sabah, Borneo, East Malaysia.