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  • Victoria Hagan

    10 Problems That Only Busty Girls Have. Haha these are so true but so funny!

  • Cassie Gamboa

    10 Problems That Only Busty Girls Have - Oh so true, story of my life.

  • Lauren Meyer

    10 Busty Girl Problems- the built in bra thing is my life.

  • Shannon Hubbard

    10 Problems That Only Busty Girls Have... This is sooo funny! I can say that, because I have big boobs...

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This is how girls feels without mascara...and eyeliner!

Sigh. I think I'm a grown up.

....but I know that when I rub this little square on the stick it turns blue, and that makes me happy :)

First, it's the laptop. After that, it's the iPad, then the iPod. This is my hubby and I... almost every night!

Illustrates the importance of knowing times of optimum performance. Leads naturally into the scheduling, programming and expectations components of intervention.

You can do it gray line xD!!!! I am cracking up right now lol so true

So true..especially when you are forced to get up at 5:30 in the morning -__-

This is so true! How are we (college students) supposed to fit our 3 5000 page books, notes and papers, and a laptop on that little desk?

every time. I think this is an INTJ thing. I don't know anyone else who 'gets' this!

This is all of our life stories.

True. The most true pin ever pinned. I'm so guilty of this and the I get the "are you serious!?" Look from my husband and then he says," from now I'm force feeding you before letting you into any store with food". Lol