maps+bottle caps

A tutorial for bottle cap necklaces. @Michelle Flynn McLeod we could make these for maddy's birthday party. Get some MH paper for the inside


Bottle cap craft

with plastic bottles

Wine Cork Necklace...with a bottle cap charm! Would like as an ornament.

Bottle Cap Jewelry. Short DIY video

Glass Map Necklace

DIY Ideas with Bottle Closures | Design & DIY Magazine

Pittsburgh Penguins. OH MY GOSH I WANT THIS!

Cute DIY necklace!

bottle caps

Darlene do you know how to create this look? I'd love to do it with some areas from NC<3 ~G~

wine cork necklace (neat idea!) by uncorked on etsy.

Magnets made from beer caps

Bottle caps

Make Your Own Glitter Necklace - it's so easy and costs less than a cup of coffee!

Everything you need to make bottle cap jewelry, bottle cap ornaments - bottle cap everything!

DIY Hometown Map Pendant Necklace

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Bottle Cap Coasters