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This explains any relationship wher one of the two are always feeling alone, blamed or is always giving and never bring surprised by the other. Always having to chase or apologize. Move on. So many people waste their lives on selfish idiots.

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This is so true, I remember when he said lets have another and i refused because of my heart's feelings...2010

My new favorite quote!!! People who never give up on their dreams and their beliefs must live by this!

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The beginning of a relationship

Sad that to many people don't realize this and never will.

There are all types of girls. With all types of personalities that's what makes us all unique. But most girls can agree that if we are in a relationship we want to feel absolutely loved. We want our partner to see us as beautiful. Although money gift are awesome, nothing feels better than to know that they love you without any doubt. So although girls of ages can be completely different. Feeling absolutely loved is one thing we do have in common. Cars get