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    Love it!

    This is hilarious.

    These are hilarious

    HAHA....know this one well!!

    Too funny!!!

    Too funny!!!

    Well played, dog, well played

    Now that's funny!


    well than that bitch would be SOL

    sitting in silence... that bitch is creepy

    killed that bitch and walked away. like a boss.

    somedays....certain people....

    Somedays............I need these.

    Hell yeah hee hee

    A perplexed cat? This round goes to the crazy cat lady with the perfectly suited outer space cat pants. Perhaps, it goes to the cat. There is, obviously, no clear winner here.

    "See, you look at him, and he really attractive. But then he opens his mouth and you realize he just a overly attractive man-child!"

    so true!

    Omg my thought process exactly! lol.. has it been 90 days?! Haha Joni you will get a good laugh!