Love it!


Well played, dog, well played

Too funny!!!

Too funny!!!

Now that's funny!

Yes. I know I'm a bitch. Bitch trumps Stupid Motherfucker every time.


well than that bitch would be SOL

sitting in silence... that bitch is creepy

I know the feeling all too well

May your life someday be as awesome as you pretend it is on Facebook.

A dad illustrates the weird things he finds himself having to say to his children. Probably will be us someday.

Look at this Cat of the Day: Felines in Tights Are Sew in Right Now Well, I know what I'm doing tonite!

Somedays............I need these.


Someday, I will do this.

FUNNY SHIRT: "You Flipped The Bitch Switch So Buckle Up And Enjoy The Ride"

Hell yeah hee hee


Thursday’s Funny Pictures – 90 Pics