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Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places- story of my life lol

#lovequotes I love how my first thought was about how the wrong there was used... *they're* not there - Englishmajorprobs

Don't be a girl that needs a man; be a girl that a man needs. swagnotes.tumblr

"not every girl wants to be in a relationship. some just want good company, a guy to vibe with, converse with & laugh with. not in a rush. start off simple, and let the rest find itself. having someone to talk to and feeling comfortable around them is quite beautiful, and it's a good feeling" --so true

Summer Nights - Rascal Flatts Is it bad I honestly dont want school to end? I know Ill never see any of my friends this summer.

BFF Hope life will give me the opportunity to have a best friend again. I want he/she to be very similar to my one and only BFF.

My kind of relationship love quotes quotes relationships quote relationship quote relationship quotes

I have high standards because country music taught me how a man should treat a lady. Thanks to all those country songs!

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