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? R's joke about Austyn. Black being her "happy color." She usually just gives him a look, but inside she feels a little bit lighter about how he cares enough to notice and make jokes on her "darkness."

i know exactly! i love it or when you give someone a high fiver and they intwine their fingers with yours at the last second. or when you try to give someone a high five but they open their arms and they give you a hug this has happened to me before :D

My best friend's Mother said that, "If you believe you have more friends than you can count on your hand, you are deluding yourself". Now that I am older and see who has stuck with me as a friend from my popular teen/early years, it is indeed around 5 ;)

I highly doubt that. Please make a note for the future....I've not missed any of your so-called delusion of awesomeness to this calendar date, so don't waste anymore of my time trying to gain attention from me. (this is like an answer back!)