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It’s Insanely Easy to Hack Hospital Equipment

redisMassExploit – script to collect hosts installed redis (using Shodan search engine) and exploit them.

Facebook's new Incubator gives open source software structure

This Fake Phone Charger Is Actually Recording Every Key You Type

"Whose phone charger is that sticking out of the wall? Oh. It must be Ben's. Ben always leaves his charger at work. Classic Ben!" Alas, it's not Ben's..

Check it out! raina07 will give 10 feedback of your android apps on playstore for $5 on #Fiverr

Facebook Ads now Tracks you, Even if you don't have an Account #Learn_Ethical_Hacking

How to Hack Smart Bluetooth Locks and IoT Devices — Check this Out #esflabsltd #securityawareness #cybersecurity