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    Another reason I love Alan


    Tom Felton and Emma Watson discuss Hermione punching Draco in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban". XD

    I love Harry Potter “I remember, I had this huge crush on Tom Felton when I was younger. I used to have this unstoppable huge smile whenever I saw him, and it was so obvious I liked him.” -Emma Watson

    Oh don't need to be Bellatrix to get Tom Felton......

    This is why I love Tom Felton

    Eq- *three days later* -qually guilty. In fact, Maggie Smith was not feeling so hot having gone through chemo, and all these pauses Alan Rickman used were just driving her mad...she just wanted to sit down!

    Some day, an extra from all the movies needs to write a book. Just saying #Nerd #Humor #HarryPotter #Dry

    pendant for potterheads

    Tom discusses how Draco's hug with Voldemort is received in different regions

    I hear so much about Tom Felton being sexy, Matthew Lewis becoming goddamn sexy. But I don’t hear enough about how freaking adorable James and Oliver are. Their smile make me melt.

    Tom on Alan Rickman. Oh I love it.

    Tom Felton and Emma Watson they would be really cute together.

    Oh, Tom Felton. You're the best.

    ok seriously, can Tom Felton get any cooler? "I hear there's an International House of Pancakes" LOL

    behind the scenes moment with Tom Felton

    Adorable Alan Rickman and Rupert Grint moment.

    tom felton