Printing Fact YES and YES. I literally print things out at school cuz my printer hates me ;) hahaa

The semester is over!

Every stinking time!


Too true.

story of my life!

StudyPods blogger Kamren Scott breaks down how to deal with stupid College Group Projects (trust no one-definitely)

Haha... basically...

True Story!

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our townhouse's shower

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 55 Pics.....oh my god. this is so true about this bullshit job i have.....i am on Pintrest right now and will be for a while. the killing part about it is the idiots i work for/with think im amazing at my job. clearly i am not challenged enough. hahahaha

hate that



What college is really about.

No, the blue part should be "I was playing with a pompous, full of himself, air head." *nods in satisfaction* ;) But I still lost cause I just can't play air hockey

so true!


Like, yeah.

bahaha story of my life