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    Scarf tutorial: The Bubble Scarf

    This scarf tutorial is fast fun and has a lot of texture. You will need: 1/4 yard fleece ( or 1/2 if you prefer longer scarves - this pattern will also work with Jersey Knit) Chalk or marking pen elastic thread thread scissors Download the free pattern here, tutorial below. You can get a free …
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    Make a Duvet Cover (very easy)! This DIY duvet cover is easy to put together and adds instant warmth to a blanket ( perfect for the colder months).

    Satin Binding Fleece Blanket (DIY) tutorial. This blanket is easy to make because you aren’t losing any surface area to the ties. It’s a perfect beginner project that teaches basic principles and you have a nice light fleece throw when you’re finished.

    Long Hooded Cloak with pattern and DIY Tutorial! This long hooded cloak pattern is easy to follow and is perfectly priced at free! Perfect for Halloween!It’s easy to sew up. It has a couple of different lengths and is sure to add a little drama to any costume.

    The Best FREE Halloween Printables. These printables will add drama and fun to your Halloween gatherings! The best part about these printables is the price – FREE!

    What exactly are 3D lashes plus? Want thicker lashes without falsies? Check out this video!

    3 Fall Topiary Trees craft. You get three DIY tutorials in one! These 3 fall topiary trees are easy to put together don’t require glue and make a beautiful addition to a centerpiece, mantle or display. Perfect for decorating your home or office! Find out how to make your own here.

    Halloween Dress Up Vest with Tummy and Tail (FREE) Pattern and DIY Tutorial. Adding a tummy and tail is a great way to turn the basic Halloween Dress Up Kid’s Fleece Vest pattern into a cute animal costume. The perfect simple craft to make your little one cozy while trick or treating the Fall!

    DIY Giant Buttons Wall Decor tutorial (plus templates). We like super tiny cute things, and we like giant things. Today I’m going to show you how to make these giant buttons – perfect for a craft room or sewing space! I’ve also made it really easy for you to with my handy dandy templates that fit multiple sizes

    Prime Time: My Adventure with Prime Publishing. An account of my adventure taking a break from being a mommy to be a TV (or at least YouTube) star! My “Learn to Sew”series is up on YouTube right now! You can also (during the month of September) enter for a chance to win a Bernina 215!

    Banana Cake (milk and egg free) recipe! This cake is a good chocolate free alternative to the “Perfect Chemistry Cake”. Milk and egg free it’s perfect for our kiddos with allergies. Try it!

    The Best Free Cape Tutorials for Halloween! The cape is a key element to completing a costume. It can add warmth , drama, and let’s be honest capes are just fun to run around in. Here are some great cape tutorials from around the web to prepare you for Halloween costume sewing!

    Wearable Fall Sewing Projects! There are so many wonderful (and FREE) sewing patterns to make this season. I love all these wonderful ideas for fall sewing!

    Patchwork Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial (free) pattern! This cute pumpkin goes perfectly with last year’s Scrunched Pumpkin Pattern. This patchwork pumpkin tutorial is cute soft fun and best of all – if you have little kiddos it’s hard to destroy. ( it’s been tested by my 2 year old).

    What is a basting stitche? I’ve gotten a few emails from people asking me “What is a basting stitch?” “Where is the basting setting on my machine?” and “Why do I need to use a basting stitch”. Now only am I going to answer these questions for you, but I’m showing you!

    Fleece Fun is Back! It’s fleece season! Fleece Fun is back with wonderful tutorials, crafts, printables, and video tutorials and FREE sewing patterns!

    How to make a duvet cover. This new tutorial brings cuddle out of the nursery and into the master bedroom. My friends at Shannon Fabrics have come up with a wonderful invention – 90 inch wide Cuddle to make a duvets That is the size of an adult quilt! No seams – no special tools needed to make a beautiful duvet!

    Of interest on pinerest. You can find everything pumpkin from sweet to savory, dinner to dessert. And since my husband absolutely loves pumpkin you can be sure I’ll be adding several more recipes featuring autumn’s favorite squash from Fleece Fun.

    How to earn money for your local school. The school with the most nominations will receive a packet of labels worth $1,000 to help their school get a head start on collecting Tyson Project A+™ labels. I know that would be a huge help to any school!

    Paleo Pump-kin recipe. If you’re into low carb recipes or enjoy pumpkin pancakes without having to measure out a whole recipe for pancakes when it is just you, then you will definitely need to try this recipe!

    Free Drive in Theater Printables. For your drive in theater party: These free printables look great mounted to card stock.

    Tissue Eye Trick. Today I thought I would share with you my “Tissue Trick”. It’s simple give you a nice eye that looks great and lifts. Plus everyone has a clean tissue – so no extra special tools needed! You will want to see how to use this trick!

    Free Educational Quote Printable. This happy white and yellow printable looks good in a nursery, study nook, or classroom. education-is-the-movement-feature. A simple and clean design, it works in many areas!

    Foolproof Super Soft Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. I used to think that I made awesome chocolate chip cookies. But now… I have to say that this is my favorite cookie recipe! This super soft chocolate chip cookies recipe is to die for.

    An Avengers party for girls! Complete with free printable, and examples of some crafty ideas on how to make your little girls into super heroes too!