Christmas tree mobile. Awesome.

I've herd of hanging Christmas trees. Here's a ornament only Hanging Christmas tree. That's a different idea!

Christmas decor

I have A LOT of christmas ornaments. This would be totally socially acceptable to do as something other than tree-shaped for a year-round decoration, right? (How-To: Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile from Not Martha)

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Even long after you stop believing in Santa Claus, a gorgeous Christmas tree remains the centerpiece of the holidays. Check out our list of some clever DIY Christmas tree ideas and get creative!

Fun Vintage Bling Tree on Felt | NFS | Tina | Flickr

Vintage Bling Tree on Felt Use old jewelry and/or button collection. Don't trees and houses go together?

ThanksTo double the sparkle on your Christmas tree, glue 2 of these mirrors back to back with a silver metallic cord for hanging. After stringing the lights, hang these mirrors on the trees interior before hanging the ornaments. The sparkle will be tripled! awesome pin

For the Christmas tree- Glue 2 mini mirror tiles back to back and insert a silver metallic cord for hanging. Fill the insides of the tree with these after putting on the lights, but before putting on the ornaments. The sparkle will be tripled.

Different Xmas tree for wall

PVC Christmas tree wall art ~ This unique Christmas Tree creation is a fun way to display leftover Holiday ornaments & trinkets. All you need are different size PVC pipes cut into rings & a reclaimed piece of wood to mount your creation on!

WOOOOOOOOW!!!!! C'est exactement la réaction que vous créerez chez tous ceux qui entreront dans votre maison! Ou dans une classe, ou une garderie, ou une école! Une résidence pour personnes âgées!!! Peut importe où! Les gens seront charmés!! Il est b

Transformer un vieux sapin de Noël blanc! C'EST MAGIQUE! 12 Modèles

Iceballoon art

DIY Ice Candle Holders - Balloons are filled with water, tied off, and left to freeze overnight. The balloon is then cut away and a tea light is placed within the hollow of the ice ball.