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Poor dog. Is his name Richard?

I was looking for ideas for puppy names and came across this puppy named Dick.I wonder why they choose that name? I seriously laughed for a long time just looking at this picture!

This is what happens when people don't sign up for my dog training classes! lol

Dog training for dummies. Our dog did the same thing once and chewed the dog training book!

Heard of "Cat Bearding?" Well, now's there is "Dog Bearding" #funny #hilarious #dogs

Face dogging.

Heard of "Cat Bearding?" Well, now's there is "Dog Bearding" this is awesome lol can I call on everyone I know who has a pet to PLEASE do this!

This walk is over - King Of Humor | King Of Humor

This walk is over - reminds me of my Bailey-boy! :( Not that he ever took a walk!

MMM HMM...Just as I suspected.

This dog acting silly while waiting for you to get his treat. This dog who wants you to know he thinks you’re cute! This dog who thinks you are HILARIOUS! This dog who feels absolutely nothing about you. This dog who just found out you’re still holding …

Dog Wants a Kitty. This is so funny and sweet and....if you need a smile, LISTEN and WATCH!

This Makes Our Day

This video is hilarious.and check Ultimate Dog Tease too. This big, bad doggie wants a little, fluffy kitty.

Pets who deserve an apology especially 4th from the bottom, poor guy!

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Funny pictures about Pets That Probably Deserve An Apology. Oh, and cool pics about Pets That Probably Deserve An Apology. Also, Pets That Probably Deserve An Apology photos.

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31 Animal Pictures You Cannot Explain

Get a Smell Fail funny picture from Dogs. You can get dozens of other funny pictures from Dogs. Here are some samples of funny words: smell, fail

Good Morning, there's a shit in the hallway.

Funny pictures about Good Dog Greg. Oh, and cool pics about Good Dog Greg. Also, Good Dog Greg photos.