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son,keep smiling, but on the count of like hell!! theres a giant pig behind us!!

would you hand your child over to one of these? I don't think so..

PHOTOS: 25 SCARY EASTER BUNNIES OF THE PAST. Happy Easter, everyone! :)

I don't mean to be rude, but this bunny has some big azz feet

If ever i purchase another Halloween mask it better look something like this!

Easter bunny, or bat? LOL ears, and is that face made of felt?

click for a terrifying collection of easter bunnies from awkward family photos

This Easter bunny is scarily staring at her no wonder she's sad

I'm sure this was fun for everyone involved--especially the person in the bunny suit.

25 Incredibly Awkward Easter Photos hey kid wanna buy some drugs the bunny won't care he's to stoned