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Hmmm... Maybe ill get my quote tat on my feets!!! The first have of the quote on my right foot & the end on my left foot!! Hmmm... Idea!!!

Let it be... tattoo and sparrows. Love it but I wouldn't want it on my foot.

never even thought to put a tattoo here, but now I'm thinking it would be the perfect spot for what i want

I told myself I will never get a tattoo but this one is so pretty & meaningful (& discreet) that I'm having second thoughts. Well you know what they say... Never say never. Haha. Carpe diem!

infinity tattoo love this, want it with the words love and family.. and no feather. to many people have feathers

I've seen these feather-into-birds tattoos everywhere, but for some reason I actually like this & something stands out from the rest

Infinity Tattoo AND a hummingbird?? This may be getting really close to exactly what I want!!

cat tattoo media-cache4.pint... deecaffeinated just how fly my style is

small infinity symbol #tattoo exactly an idea I was thinking for my wrist!