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Hahahaaa. I LOVE this story, and my 19 year old daughter does, too. One of my last real "discussions" in the classroom involved a statement I made about having to "get out the sewing machine last night"..... A student (several) thought I was just being stupid (Science-fictiony) w/them... Had NEVER seen or heard of a sewing machine..... and we're in GEORGIA.....

LMAO. I couldn't pass this and not appreciate the beauty of the bottom picture.

I knew a family that took funny photos of themselves and hid them all over the couples apartment while they were away on their honeymoon for them to find when they got home. There were also hold fish in all the sinks and tubs. I love funny stuff like this.

other than the diverse student body...welcome to college

Gettin real tired of your crap, Lenny.

This didn't seem funny to me at first but then I kept looking at it and at Jack's expression and then I started laughing and thought, "I have to pin this."

Random Pictures Of The Day - 63 Pics

When, I ask you? --Sorry, history nerd in me couldn't resist.

bahaha - I would kill him, but this is so funny!!!!

BAHAHAHA I laughed way too hard on this one! Haha