Garter tattoo

thigh tattoo


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this would be a great tattoo. except in black. I'm totally a black n gray girl when it comes to tattoos.

Ideas for my garder belt tattoo

Thigh Garter Tattoos for Girls Please follow:

Cute thigh tattoos

Lace Bow - Back

I don't really care for skulls, but this one is pretty with the flower incorporated in it.

Thinking more and more about a garter tattoo to go on left thigh. Like the simple bow on this one!

garter belt tattoo images - Google Search

I am not in love with the gun, but I love the thinner lace garter


pretty flowers on foot. Really really really like


cute tattoo to get with a childhood best friend. ♥

peacock tattoo. The colors are so pretty!

Pearly Lace tattoos. I like the lace, maybe not the pearl borders. This would be cute with a black nylon seam up my legs and a bow high on the back of my thighs