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I'm pinning this purely for the comments. Stuff I never considered before. Plus, hilarious lol

I will name my Daughter Annabeth after Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson.

Hermione should have been the protagonist…

Yeah but Hermione punched Draco in the face. That makes her better than Harry.

Why exactly does this exist? ------ Snape, I think it's time to call on Hermione

Sleep times. @Sketch_Dailies

Hermione through the years, including a quote from Emma Watson!

When we watched this I literally turned to my husband and said, "She's totally playing dumb so that Ron will put his arms around her to demonstrate how it's done." Oldest trick in the book... :)

WANTED: Granger, Hermionie 42,000 Galeons. A wizarding galleon is equivalent to a 5 pound sterling note (exchange rate subject to minor fluctuation), so Hermionie is worth £210,000.

I want more male companions turning into badass characters for the next season!