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The main purpose of a sponge is to soak things up. When you squeeze a sponge, whatever is inside comes out. Both of these characteristics of a sponge provide metaphors for our hearts. These games are great for a little wet time during the hot summer and provide a nice illustration for the condition of our hearts.

Pumpkins are closely associated with both Halloween and Thanksgiving and are most likely native to America. In this week's lesson you'll find a lot of game ideas using pumpkins, and also a reminder that God looks at the inside and not merely whats on the outside. He wants us to have a clean heart. Like a like shining from inside the pumpkin, he also wants us to shine out to the world.

Watermelons are almost synonymous with summer - cool, refreshing, and great on a hot summer day. Watermelons can also be used for a variety of fun, and sometimes messy games, though the cost could be a bit prohibitive for some youth groups. Here are varieties of games using watermelons as well as some ideas for spiritual lessons using this popular summer treat.

It's not just Halloween that people wear masks. If we are honest with ourselves, most of us put on masks from time to time. We put on a mask any time we are not honest with others or don't want to reveal some aspect of who we are. Anytime we try to make ourselves come across as something we are not, we are putting on a mask.

"My cup runs over." A cup is used quite often in the Bible to represent a person's fate, a person's destiny. The cup could be one of blessing or of judgement. Is your cup empty? Half full? Overflowing? In a place where water was scarce an overflowing cup implied abundance. This weeks lesson is great for summer in that the youth will get a little wet while learning about what is means to be filled to overflowing with the blessings of God.

A clothespin is used to attach clothes to a clothesline. The scriptures lists a variety of things we should cling to, things we should hold on to, but in reality most of those other things listed have the same purpose - to help us to cling to God.

This week's idea of the week centers around the drinking straw. The main lesson reminds youth that what sometimes what we see as impossible is not always as impossible as it seems.

There are three key components to any game of tag: 1) You chase or pursue 2) You flee or run away 3) People get tagged. Spiritually, because of our disobedience to God we are tagged as sinners. And like those in the game we are stuck in our current position and unable to break ourselves free. Only when Jesus frees us are we able to be truly free. Unfortunately, sin often touches our lives again and we find ourselves back in the same condition.

Even if you don't want to be involved with Halloween, you'll want to grab at least one of those plastic or paper Halloween skeletons for this object lesson and games.