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persuasive essay essentials - you will need this for the persuasive essay contest in BEST this year!

Parallel Structure . . . something my students always need help with

Certainly an interesting twist on this. I could see it really helping some kids to remember the difference!

Punctuation--what if instead of buying this, I have the students work in groups to make a "snapshot" of one punctuation mark and then make into a class poster?

How about the kids creating an idiom alphabet book - Publisher?Word?PowerPoint?

10 Most Commonly Misused Words [Grammar, vocabulary] - hmmmph!? I thought "PERUSE" meant "to skim over" when reading... REDUNDANT & ENORMITY also are new definitions for me... BUT, we all know that CONVERSATE IS NOT A WORD, right!?

Ms. Fultz's Corner: Ten Pin Linky: Class Decor

punctuation personalities...use for an introduction to punctuation/grammar. Kids could do a match up on which descriptions they think go with each punctuation mark

This grammar center was created to give students independent practice with placing the correct end punctuation at the end of sentences. Students w...

Explains beginning and advanced punctuation. Can be a handout for students to refer to, or a overhead.