Sensory pods for visually impaired toddlers. These medical assistive pods hanging on the walls of any room help create a stimulating environment for visually impaired kids. The color is limited to green to reduce the overwhelming visual stimulation. The sensory pods include toothpicks, miniature duckies and each of them provide the texture and sound feedback. The medically assistive sensory pods are ideal pick for the parents with the visually impaired kids.

Easy-to-follow tips for using sensory play activities to stimulate language in young children- great for parents and teachers of toddlers! #Language #Toddlers #Activities

Outer space ideas for sensory play

"Finish my Picture" game for visual perceptual/visual motor practice. Easy to grade up or down based on skill level.

Sensory play activities

clothespin sensory match

Kids LOVE sensory activities! Here are more than 600 of them that you can do with your little kids.

Glowing sensory play party ideas

The Ultimate List of Gifts for Sensory Seekers

DIY Sensory Room on a Budget *repinned by

What a great adaptive idea

I like a lot of these ideas because while they are "play" most of them you can still eat the food too.

Pencil fidgets - They allow the student to have something to move around in their hands. Students that require such fidgets have a need for sensory stimulation, and fidgets provide that within the classroom setting.

diy sensory boards. Love this idea for keeping the little ones occupied

Accessible Candy Land! Learn how to make an accessible version of your kids' Candy Land game that is perfect for children with visual impairments. *pinned by - Re-pinned from Pedia Staff on Pinterest.

"40 Amazing iPad Apps for the Learning Disabled" so excited about this list!!

Marble mazes

How to make sensory toys and using them with a trabasack (or IKEA lap desk and velcro) sensory play tray.

Tactile Matching Game: Ever thought about making a tactile matching game? This is a great activity for blind children. All you need is a collection of cleaned plastic snack cups and a few items to glue inside them and you've got a fun matching game that can be played with or without sight!

bee sensory tub!

Little Miss Kimberly Ann: Bead box for sensory input and kids with Autism