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  • Pamela B

    Depending on your current frame of mind and zeitgeist this is either funny, sad, insensitive or just plain ignorant. So now I've got to pin it on two different boards! Really, why would you have a Valentine’s Day candy that pairs the African American Disney princess, Tiana, character with watermelon while the Aurora character decorates the vanilla flavored side? Was it a Freudian slip or a sly calculated jab? Either way I'm dissing the dis and I still like watermelon!

  • Professor Brooks

    Candy flavoring for blacks and whites- Understated prejudice/stereotyping. First Black Disney Princess paired with Watermelon Flavored Candy as though all black people like watermelon

  • Dasha The Overcomer

    Seriously, Disney? With all the thousands of people working for you, it didn't occur to ANYONE that putting Tiana on the watermelon flavor would be a really bad idea?

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