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Best Toys R Us commercial ever.     Death Star over Copenhagen

Death Star Over Copenhagen

Toys"R"Us: "Death Star over Copenhagen" - Darth Vader has landed. Meet him at Toys"R"Us

How to Play Pictionary

10 Funny and Fabulous Flowcharts

My family used to play Pictionary and my sister and I would laugh that my parents were going to divorce because of that game. it was funny until they really did get a divorce (but not because of the game!


Our text talks about how today we have menstruation info provided for us in our sanitary napkin boxes. This tampon with "advice" printed on it is an example of the guidance companies try to give us!

Period Humor diy light colors dark colors pain management - Fuggs and Foach

55 years of LEGO

I’m loving these minimal LEGO ads, aren’t you? These set of LEGO ads are a bit of pop culture riddles. For example: The ad pictured above is the Three Little Pigs. Can you guess these others?