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  • Fish Bee

    Jay Adams most stunning and strikingly clear representation, of any photo ever taken, of modern skateboarding. It contains all the elements that make up what modern-day skateboarding has become: awesome aggression and style, power and fury, wild abandon, destruction of all fear, untamed individualism, and a free-spirited determination to tear, shred, and rip relentlessly. Jay should’ve had it all, and it makes me so sad that he didn’t.”  –Stacy Peralta

  • James Eborall

    old school dog town - Jay Adams

  • Jaime Parodi Bardón

    Jay Adams. Z-Boy. Modern Skate Seed. The Lord Of Dogtown

  • Mandy

    Soo sad to hear our FAVORITE Z-boy #JayAdams has passed away from a massive heart attack yesterdaya?� R.I.P. Jay, luv you and your pure heart forever! | See more about Z Boys, Jay Adams and Boys.

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the three gangsters that pioneered vert skating in pirated dry pools in SoCal in the late 70s - in the process became rock star legends from the infamous Dog Town Stacy Peralta - Jay Adams -Tony Alva

1970s skater photographed by David Scott, California