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If you know someone with way too much time on his hands, give him some watermelons and point him towards a small child.

Goldie the mama dog goes all the extra miles for her feline baby!

Lurlene is a good mama kitty!


Next one of my friends who has a baby (and we're at that age where babies are happening) is getting one of these. Even if the baby's a boy. ESPECIALLY if it's a boy.

That is a lamb nursing from a Shetland pony. You're welcome.

Sleeping kiddies holding hands in carseats!

You can't make this up.


They look totally huggable.

Darling kitties!

The real story behind the mama tiger with a litter of piglets: still cute, but not quite so emotional.

I would like to open up a file drawer and find kittens inside.

A cat is nursing hedgehogs. Your argument is invalid.

This baby monkey has big ears and hands.

It is so unfair that I cannot reach into this video and pick up that darling chubbular kitten.

This darling baby has similar coloring to my Iggy. I want to snuggle her.

A Pekingese spontaneously lactates to feed an abandoned newborn kitten. That sound you just heard was your head exploding.


I know keeping exotic pets is wrong in every possible way, but...but...look at that perfect little face.

Beautiful, fluffy kitten! WANT

This dancing sheep is fabulous and amazing. Share if you know why.

I...I really want to put this puppy in my mouth.

Here is a baby holding hands with a kitty. You're welcome.