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  • Anabella Aresti Parducci

    Extraordinary Projects From Ordinary Objects >>Craft ideas for the Kids

  • Lilian / Factor-Li

    ✭ paper plane

  • Frenk Dongelmans

    Maak een vliegtuig van WC rollen en karton :) #DIY #Plane - Gerepind door #knutselspiratie #knutselen #creatief #kind #kinderen #kids #leuk

  • Eva McKenna

    Cardboard airplane using toilet paper roll

  • Jeanette Marcum

    DIY- Toilet paper Airplanes... paint or color it for extra coolness. Advisory challenge.

  • Lisa Michele

    turn a toilet paper roll and a cereal box into an airplane! Then paint it however you like....I love ideas like this to keep the kids from boredom during a hot, hot desert summer

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JLH... Paper Bag Fall Tree. Fun! Probably a project for older elementary students. I could use this as a science project; I could use this as a word tree and have them add adjectives, verbs, nouns, adverbs, etc. that reflect autumn vocabulary. This would also creatively decorate the classroom in a very simple and fall way.

TOILET~PAPER ROLLS: up'd to Christmas Tree ornaments. Are these cute or what? They’re actually just cardboard toilet paper rolls, painted in bright colors and decorated with black permanent markers. One end of the roll is simply pinched to create the owl’s ‘ears’ – a fun and easy project for both kids and adults. FORGET GOING TO A BIG BOX STORE and piling a cart high with cheap, mass-produced holiday decorations made in China. Help the Earth and create lasting memories with the kids.

It's hard to believe that the final product was made from TP rolls!

paper roll house advent calendar with 'smoking' chimney

Wrapping Paper Rolls - | kids | crocodile | elephant

Design, Draw and Create a Car. Relates to the Draft Australian Curriculum: Technologies 2.1 Understand how people, including designers and technologists, design and produce familiar products, services and environments to meet personal and local community needs.

Im gonna use wrapping paper or paper towel rolls for this. Toilet paper rolls sound a little gross :)