A homemade maze to learn the order of the alphabet - when did your kid learn the order? or sing the ABCs?

Feed the Shark Alphabet Game for Kids~use with sight words as well as upper and lower case letters, and even numbers

Make a maze out of painters tape and learn letters - running, diggers, and mazes? This idea is awesome!! Such a great way for preschoolers to learn the alphabet

Click. Pray. Love: Toddler Activity #5: Counting with Bowls - Things you'll need: Plastic or Styrofoam bowls Sharpie or Marker Multiple objects that can fit inside the bowls (we used pom poms from Target's dollar section)

Best of Bloggers DIY Projects: Genius Quiet Time Learning Activity for Kids

Lowercase and uppercase floor alphabet game

alphabet floor dominoes

Magic Letters - Fun letter recognition activity using crayon resist

Activities that will prepare your child for kindergarten: Easy counting game - for Zachary

The Intentional Momma: Alphabet Printable for Magnet Matching

alphabet ordering and it works on fine motor!

ABC Crafts

Little Family Fun

Alphabet clothespins - DIY manipulative for preschool and kindergarten

The following activity; “ABC…Energize Me” is a “high energy, fun and organized” classroom activity that gives your students a chance to move their bodies in a number of ways, while learning to recognize the Upper and Lower Case letters of the Alphabet.

Textured sticks..

Alphabet - What a fun way for Preschool & Kindergarten kids practice identifying their letters with these free printable Worksheets for kids. Kids will love using bingo marker in this Alphabet Letter Find kids activity perfect for homeschoolers.

Bilateral Activities for the Nonfunctional Hand Therapists should use each and every opportunity to incorporate the hemiparetic hand into daily functional tasks—even when the hand is non-functional. icelearningcenter...

6 shape activities to get the kids moving: gross and fine motor. Nice ideas!

Alphabet maze