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California Roll

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Rainbow Sushi Roll

Spicy Tuna Hand Rolls / Bev Cooks - love sushi but not really into the raw fish so will do a tad of modifying. Great commentary with the recipe. I promise you will be amused.

Sushi wrapped in avacado


salmon sushi :) so good..

Fun and Delicious sushi party at home with all natural sashimi from Fish for Sushi!

Tiered Sushi Cake

This something my BF would do !

sushi ran #Sushi #Sushimi


sushi dreams


Sushi #Sushi #Sushimi

Temari Sushi is a casual sushi you can make at home and is named after the children's toy ball. So pretty! by justonecookbook #Sushi #Temari_Sushi #justonecoookbook

i'm loving this girls sushi recipes ! @Ellie Smith and @ryan smith ... i think it might be a good idea to have a sushi party while you are here !!!

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Years ago, the conversion from "ugh, raw fish" to "OMG SUSHI!" was so very dramatic (and expensive. It was really expensive.)