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We can discuss all things here, right? Would you let your children poo in public?

"Things may not be done my way, but it is hers to choose. She is her own person and not an extension of me." Carey Pace Dresses to the beat of her own drum | The Creative Mama

explaining santa when that time comes. Although my kids are older it is a good reminder and thought that we do need to learn to believe in things we cannot see!

Interacting with a strong-willed child. Awesome advice. I love how it explains why you need to do certain things, and the child's perception of disagreements.

maybe just a nibble ;)

cutie pie


what a beauty!

Swimming Games for Beginners: practicing swimming skills can be fun when it's part of a game.

Would you let your kids go into the river (lake, ocean, pond) in their clothes?

Why won't children listen until we yell? Here are two awesome resources that will get your children to listen without having to yell! This is SO HELPFUL!

Putting the brakes on a Mama Tantrum. How do you deal with it when YOU'RE the one melting down?

little interview... do it on a regular basis with kids. Unique!!

Lol ~ MF♠

Saying thank you says good manners for sure but teaching children to truly be thankful is an art. We’ve been trying hard to perfect that art in our house. Add your own tips as well!

10 Ways to Help Children Get Along - Kids Activities Blog

This Kid. He's Definitely Going Places

Was potty training tricky or a cake walk for your family? My kids have been totally different, one more challenging than the other. Loved these motivational tips for mom and child!

6 Great Parenting Tips to help us enjoy life with young children.

Hug It Out – Calming an Angry Child. This technique seemed almost too simple, but it's been SO powerful in our family.