"retake an old family photo" - cute idea!

Hong Kong family photographer - https://www.radhikarao.com/

Hopefully once college is done I can catch up and visit my old friends from high school. Always great to catch up!

Falling hearts valentines day photo idea.. Cute!

Recreate old family photos. A cheap, creative, and hilarious gift idea! #PonytailedSoftwareGeek

mother and daughter...do this every year & see how you change...could do with father and son, too. Love this idea

Hahaha recreating old pictures. so cute! I wanna do this with bitty's first Christmas picture when they're all adults....

On each anniversary, the couple takes a picture of them holding the previous year's picture. Great idea for all sorts of things - birthdays, 1st day of school, parents' anniversaries, etc.

Recreating childhood photos...hilarious! Great gift idea for parents.

Wall Quotes Wall Decals - "Our Family, A Circle of Strength" #HomeDecor, #InteriorDesign, Accenthaus.com

bahahah love it!!!

this picture idea is soo hilarious

pose training...push the weight further on to the back foot, pushing the hip back 45 degrees from the camera. Look at the difference it makes, to even a tiny frame like Deanna. The hips being forward look wider. Swapping the body language hand to the outside introduced more triangles and opened up the body and the diamond.

recreate family photo with next generation... just an idea if you ever want to aub. like if you have pics of you and your mom you want to recreate with lyla. :) i'd happily do it!

Family photos

Richard's ouders zijn gescheiden. Hij vindt dit heel erg en ziet hierdoor zijn vader niet meer. Hij wil heel graag een gelukkig gezin zijn maar dit gaat dus niet.

50 ideas for family pictures, lots of different ideas for colours & outfits by millicent

so fun! need to try this :)

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