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Kids and Chores

Do your kids have chores? My house is never as clean as I would like, and I’m working on getting closer to my ideal by getting my kids more involved with day-to-day cleaning. It’s more work for me in the short run, but will hopefully help in the long run – both by raising kids who know how to …
  • Elissa Sungar

    Kids and Chores - 10 tips for getting kids involved with cleaning the house! #ece #prek #parenting

  • Rachel Theresa

    Age Appropriate Chores

  • Hadeel Gad

    Kids and Choresmama smiles

  • MamaSmiles

    Kids and Chores- tips for getting kids to help get and keep the house clean!

  • Samantha Gruver

    10 tips for teaching kids to clean - what are your best tips? more easy tips! Read one of these a day to help encourage and remind me of other solutions!

  • Brooke Foster

    Kids and Cleaning chores

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So.. Going on day three of snow day April 2013. Your house is a mess and you are pulling your hair out. Think of something fun, but make the kids earn it first. Here is a list by age of what they can learn to do, or do.

A list of 10 things that toddlers will love to join you in doing around the house.  To a child, there is little better than feeling useful in their family.  Here are ways you can include your toddler!

Make your children a working member of the success of the family by giving them age-appropriate chores for kids such as these.

I started searching for car trip ideas and almost every site I looked at was LAME! this one...actually has some great ideas!! I've used dollar store presents for the airplane, and will definitely do that for the car. Love the mini packs of cereal! 10 Way to Keep Kids Happy in the Car