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  • w.s. burroughs for lunch

    To read: Benefits Of Rosewater

  • Adriana Barker

    Skin Care Treatment by SkinCare iHub -

  • Morgan White

    DIY: Preventing White Heads | DIY Beauty Tutorials

  • mamta accha

    Benefits of Rose Water, Discover Health Treasure

  • Jade Storey

    Beauty Guide: Skin Care & Face Packs Mix equal quantities of cucumber juice, rose water and lime juice. Wash the face and apply it overnight. Rinse off in the morning. This keeps the skin healthy and clears the complexion.

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A thick slice of cucumber or tomato when rubbed on the face and left form 15 minutes serve as an effective facial cleanser.

Kitchen Beautician Series is back with this natural alternative for thick & healthy lashes and brows!

  • Marilyn Miltenberger

    great tips ladies~

  • cheryl rodriguez

    Use coconut oil instead of vaseline! The coconut oil wont clog Ur pores!


    "I though" I was allergic to oil, specially on my face; but I am using it along with my cream (home made) and I am soooooo amazed to see the change. My face looks soooooo healthy, so I wanted to try it with my brows and lashes......they look SO THICK AND LONG!!! . Now I am using the castor oil all over my body. I will not change this product for anything.

  • Raw Honey

    organic hemp seed oil,grapeseed oil or olive oil

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Oil Blends for OCM – The Oil Cleansing Method and 6 Other Uses For Castor OIl | Hildablue

There are oodles of haircare products available. Between oils and deep-conditioners, it’s really easy to keep our manes in tip top shape. But what about our eyelashes? They’re hair as well, and they definitely deserve some attention. If you want long and healthy lashes, look no further because we’ve created a DIY lengthening mascara that’ll do just that!

Wash an old mascara or nail polish container and fill with: 1/4 of the container with castor oil, 1/2 vitamin E oil, 1/4 aloe vera gel. Mix together as well as you can with your mascara wand, and apply a light layer to lashes every night before bed. Castor oil thickens your lashes while aloe vera gel lengthens. Vitamin E accelerates length. After one month, youll notice stronger, longer, more beautiful eyelashes.

  • Jill Moffatt

    I did this for a month and it made no difference at all.

  • Yesha Patel

    Growth of body hair & eye lashes are genetically defined. So it may not grow after certain length but this can definately be nourishing and can help lashes look thicker and fuller.

Ok I did the one for the eye lashes with the Vit E and Castor oil and it WORKS!!!! :R 7 Uses for Castor Oil 1. Face Cleanser 2. Makeup remover 3. Hair growth 4. Darkening hair 5. Longer Thicker Eyelashes or Brows 6. Scar healing 7. Mole and wart removal. I actually think I want to try washing my face with oil!

  • Sameerah Logan

    I started washing my face with oil!! 3:1 castor oil to xtra virgin olive oil (recipe found on Pinterest)... my skin is amazing!!!

  • Sal3hã F

    1000 th pinner !!

  • Abby

    I did the same as Sameerah. I've been battling acne for FIFTEEN YEARS. Nothing has worked as well as castor oil and olive oil has.

Rose Water Toner: Make your own Rose Water Toner, a great astringent.

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Colourful liner applied on the lower eyelids can open up your eyes and make them look bigger