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K-W-L charts with origins of Thanksgiving. Resources for teachers.

1621: A New Look at Thanksgiving. AWESOME book to teach authentic Thanksgiving lessons for kids, detailing with photos how the Wapanoag helped English settlers survive a year in harsh 1621.

Meet Shrek the Sheep! A Famous New Zealander who refused to get a haircut:). Videos and books!

Morpho Butterfly Craft- Learn about these beautiful blue butterflies from Central America, and then make a craft. Nice science + art interdisciplinary lesson for kids!

10 Reasons to Love Bento Boxes for kids. Plus a video on kids in Japan with their own bentos!- Kid World Citizen

Super-healthy and easy snack for kids from Chile: Palta (Avocado) Las Once- Kid World Citizen

Zentangle elephant & watercolor background

Easy Crafts for Kids: Yarn Sticks. Make them as a standalone craft or for use in other projects.

4 DIY Baby and Toddler Toys for Motor Skills - The Imagination Tree

Polymer clay fun for kids: tools, resources, and fun projects to try!

Building a fairy village is a wonderful pretend play activity for children! Make one in your own back yard!

Make sculptures with grapes and toothpicks! This is such a simple creative activity for kids and doubles as a snack...

Remember spin art from when you were a kid? You can recreate it with household items, and no fancy machine. This kids' craft is SO fun!

The brilliance of Star Wars is that its characters and storyline inspire hours of play. Creative fun with the LEGO Star Wars toys and videos. Sponsored post.

Acorn Crafts

TP Roll Owl - these are so super simple and fun to make. We call these doodle owls.. as you get to just doodle all over them. Make one. Make many! Maybe even fill with some little owl treats!

Silly Putty made with dish soap & cornflour! So awesome!

Watching this Shark Sensory Bottle creates a wonderful imagery for calming upset children!

Food truck design project for kids!

Make your own Voodoo pin cushions - fun for Halloween, makes a great gift AND beginners sewing project

Sparkly Fairy Dust Dough...made with only THREE ingredients!

Frosting paint recipe - art for kids - It's simple to make and dries glossy and gorgeous!