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  • Darian Hans

    Perfect!!!! Guide To Understanding The Introverted (people like me! Now maybe I can expand my hamster ball...)

  • TreLou H

    Dr. Carmella's Guide To Understanding The Introverted. funny, but so true

  • Lisa Schartner

    Guide to understanding the introverted… Need to remember this!

  • Maddie Lawson

    A Guide to Understanding Introverts. Now you people that complain I'm a party pooper can understand my life story lol

  • Tamsie Lamoreaux

    Introverts - funny but true story of my life. :p

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Dr. Carmella's Guide to Understanding the Introverted --> pinning from inside my hamster ball

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Introverted People: 25 Things You Should Know

This is totally correct. Describes me perfectly....except I am an adrenaline junkie, but mostly an introvert.

Never considered myself an introvert but I can definitely relate to some of these

Understanding introverted people… ck exactlly my problem in getting my yard done... how silly I feel that I want to run back in the house if my neighbors come out

I love this. It seems like everywhere I go on the internet there's yet another list or something about introversion like its a special gift and extroverts are incapable of understanding. I'm glad someone finally addressed that perhaps there are things introverts might need to know about their counterparts.

God, the don't scold me in public bit! I want that in big giant bold letters strategically placed everywhere! Nothing makes me feel smaller or more uncomfortable....

That plaguing, mind driving question...Why? Sorta goes with "move with a purpose."