Dr. Carmella's Guide to Understanding the Introverted by Schroeder Jones

Extrovert vs Introvert. Celebrity introverts are: Scarlett Johansson, Christian Bale, Johnny Depp, Kirsten Dunst, John Lennon, Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Ryan Gosling, Drew Barrymore, Pamela Anderson, and Ed Norton.

“An introvert’s secret is their personality”. Beautiful quote..

I really like this definition of an introvert because most of the other ones sort of make it sound like we are anti-social... We're not, we just aren't extra social and we prefer small groups of close friends...

Introverts & talking

Introvert // A Map of the Introvert’s Heart

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Introvert Problems. #INFJ #Introverted #Introvert #Introverts #Introversion


Care of Introverts


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Introverts, unite!