Dr. Carmella's Guide to Understanding the Introverted by Schroeder Jones

Interesting......last born!


TRUTH and no one seems to understand it.

Introverts & talking

introvert isolation insight, just keep things to yourself it's really for the best...

Dr. Seuss | #inspiration #quotes


Image detail for -INFJ - My ' Myers-Briggs' Personality Type

I feel like I should hang this on my office door with a "Warning" at the top that says to read it before attempting to interact with me.

How to care for introverts

The misunderstood introvert, an adorable visual explanation because being an introvert is really, really hard.

“An introvert’s secret is their personality”. Beautiful quote..

7 Ways You Can Love an Introvert...http://holleygerth.com/love-introverts/

Yes. This. #introvert

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Sad......but true