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    The Missing Part of the Sharing Equation

    Does "sharing" often go sour at your house? Many of us have only been taught one part of the “Sharing Equation.” Checkout this priceless tip...
    • Jodi Seyfried

      Help kids learn to resolve sharing issues on their own...

    • museum girl

      {Sharing Equation = Happy Kids Mom}

    • mrsbcooper

      {Sharing Equation = Happy Kids & Mom} Forced sharing can escalate to yelling, pushing or even fighting. Use this simple tip/statement to get the kids to do it on their own. ohhh, good idea!

    • Jenny R-M

      We do something similar and it works when we are consistent.

    • Meghan Easdon

      {Sharing Equation = Happy Kids & Mom} We do this at our house and it totally works. *Do you make your kids share?

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