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How to Really Love a Child - what would you add to this list?

This is true for all my kids. WE never had "accidents" or "mistakes"... Each child was prayed for and begged for.

Going to start compiling baby stuff I love! Thanks to my darling sister in-law Nicole for getting me hooked on Pinterest! q

What to do When Someone is Mean to Your Child- my favorite part is the talk she has with her son.

Sadly too many children are not blessed to live in homes like this. I see this in so many children my son goes to school with and I also have seen my son be criticized by a teacher for having too much self esteem & confidence. It’s a sad world for many kids and teachers :(

Love this poem by Sark. You can order it from her website again!

I want to put this on a canvas and put it in my boys room

This inspired me to be a better mom! Great ways for chilling out and looking at life from a child's perspective

Sounds very accurate. Middle child here. Chris is first born (biological) and middle child (step family) and is definitely a bit of both. Lionel is the aggressive kind of first born. Elsie is an only child very much... For now, we'll see how she changes when she finally has siblings...

A 6th grader on too little sleep will have the cognitive abilities of a 4th grader