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Medieval hand-and-a-half Sword Dated: circa 1400 Measurements: Blade 95.8cm. Overall length 120cm

The zweihänder sword that belonged to Grutte Pier (1480-1520), Friesian pirate and warlord. via Medium Aevum FB

Saber with Scabbard Date: 19th century Culture: Turkish Medium: Steel, gold, gilt brass, diamonds, emeralds, pearls

Indian khanjar dagger, ca. 1640, nephrite hilt in the form of a nilgai, or blue bull, watered steel blade, H. 15 in. (38.1 cm), Met Museum. The weaponry produced at the Mughal court reflects the same refinement as other arts, daggers like this were awarded to officers who had distinguishing victory and indicated royal favor. Animal-headed hilts were especially favored, and the realism of their rendering conveys the keen appreciation for nature by Mughal artists.