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Fantastic website to deepen scripture study

Basic Doctrines Spouse Study and Children Evaluation: Jesus Christ - The Red Headed Hostess

Amazing LDS website that helps with personal and family scripture study.

Amazing lds website that helps with personal and family scripture study. It has so many scripture helps!

Scripture Journal quotes to download from www.allisonkimball.com  A GREAT website for all things :) Talented, amazing woman!

I have always written things down as I study the scriptures. Not because I felt like I was getting any deep spiritual inspiration, but primarily because I would forget what I would learn from week to week.

good idea for studying the B of M and if you go to this website there is an awesome idea of using Lego to build scenes from the Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon study notebook: Framed Within Families -- with extra hints on how to print onto sticky notes (e.

Dieter & Harriet Uchtdorf~ <3 Love them and their beautiful example of Love.

A rare photo of Dieter and Harriet Uchtdorf early in their marriage; the photo was discovered decades later by a missionary who had served in Germany. A humorous & inspiring article also found here. (Photo from LDS Living)

Sister Megan Nielsen

13 Articles of Faith Cards - LDS free PDF I appreciate others who are talented and willing to share!