Trader Joe's Vintage Bottled Drinks - wine too! Loooove trader joes!

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Trader Joes

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It's a toss up...but this lemonade from Trader's Joe's is my favorite !!! That and my cola Slurpee !!!



Cute vintage idea.

for the drinks

mason jars with chalk labels, to put your drinks in. So cool!

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reception drinks


The best fries you'll ever have (belgian-style) Belgian-Style Fries. Buy a bag of Trader Joe's Fries. Seriously! They are delicious! Then to make the Belgian-style mayonnaise, just mix regular mayo with a splash of red-wine vinegar, and stir together until you have the tangy taste you like best. Voila!

Berry drinks for a fall wedding

vera wang vintage wedding dress. hello beautiful.


love it. "Don't take my drink... I'm dancing!" And beautiful centerpiece.

vintage wedding

Canoe filled with drinks!! So awesome!!

Cute drink markers for a a bachelorette party #diy #bachelorette