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  • Michele Martin

    classroom organization. Love the bulletin board on side of file cabinet!

  • Marianna Polyak

    Some teacher's desk area organization. I especially like that mini bulletin board on the side of the file cabinet.

  • Carmen Vasquez

    teacher desk organization... file folders on magnets on back of file cabinet

  • KC Ward

    This is a cool teacher blog (lower elementary). I love what she has done with the filing cabinet!

  • Tracy Oleksak

    Great idea for the BACK of the file cabinet- classroom decorations for a K classroom but lots of great ideas that could be used for older grades

  • Lori Jandula

    cute classroom ideas - Love making the side of the filing cabinet into magnetic bulletin board

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I don't have a stool but now I want one so I can do this to it! You could even make the top say something different like "star reader" and let the student who read the most minutes on reading log or read the most sight words sit on it one day. The possibilities are endless! Cute!

Something similar to this on my desk to file papers I still need/ don't want to put away or use a lot

An end of the year poem to give to students.

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i am liking the idea of hanging something like this on the back of my file cabinet

Organization- file cabinet not backed up against a wall, hanging file pockets up

Bravo Behavior- when the entire table has bravo behavior, the teacher will choose a student to shade in 1 square. 3 shaded squares equals a prize

Personalized hall passes! Love! I could do this :) but maybe make them into necklaces? My kids always lost holding/clipping passes

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(G) "Classroom Rules" Have a discussion the first day about what it looks like to follow these rules. ie: be ready to learn- be in your seat, quiet and ready with all of your supplies and books you will need.