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  • Danielle Marderosian

    Call the fire department! #Firemen #funny #humor

  • Kari Kirchoff-Barmettler

    This would be the only good thing to come out of a house fire!

  • Joy Gaines

    I think my house is on fire. Firefighters lol

  • Sarah Gerardo

    Did I just pour gasoline all over my house and light a match? How clumsy. Eye eye eye candy !!!!

  • Brittany Spielman

    Did I just pour gasoline all over my house and light a match? How clumsy. Lmfao. I'll never forget when I was 8 months pregnant, single, and I locked my keys in my car at a gas station in the middle of the night. I called non-emergency, and a fire truck full of hot firemen pull up.. I'm all leaned against the car eating a candy bar. Embarrassing AND awesome...

  • Amanda Rich

    Funny stuff

  • Bethany Hill

    Umm.... My house is an inferno of blazing hotness. I think I need the fire department.

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Did I just pour gasoline all over my house and light a match? How clumsy of me.

I'll be honest, this is the only reason I saw The A-Team.

why hello sexy fireman with muscles and tattoos!

Kids are going to be so much more comfortable with silence when they grow up. Oh Dora.

So "cute boy from White Collar". I think you are incredibly sexy, so I will put you in here as an honorable mention...but you do not get to officially take up a spot on my list, as I am not your sexual prefence and thus cannot commit to a chase. xoxo

Matthew Mc. I sat right behind him at a LA Dodger's game a few years ago. My son wanted me to take pics of Roger clemins pitching on the Texas team, but I think I took more of Matthew! lol ... and he stand up stretches real slow and takes his shirt off. I about died. My son says to me, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SEAT! LOL <- that is amazing! lol I love this man

nahhh lol you don't have to put it back on ;) you are a model for Pete's sakes! Do your job sir! lol

Please. Please, oh please oh PLEASE dear Lord tell me these are not real!!!

Say something silly. Laugh till it hurts. Take a risk. Tell a secret. Sing out loud. Rock the boat. Shake things up. Flirt with disaster. Buy something frivolous. Color outside the lines. Cause a scene. Order dessert. Make waves. Get carried away. Have a great day

221b-benedict-cumberbatch: high-functioning-introvert: candi-trap: My dash did a thing. a sign from God omg, this is awesome