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    • Destiny Shae

      All you ladies know who you are, you are the rock, I always thought of myself as a piece of coal being compressed into a diamond, I had so much to deal with, people were always coming up to me and telling me their problems, I listened, I gave advice, but I didn't have my own rock. You ladies find that ''rock'' of yours and live. Keep your chin up beautiful

    • Jessica King

      Sometimes the girl who's always been there for everyone else needs someone to be there for her. Inspirational quotes for depression

    • Megan Clark

      I love being there for the people in my life that I care about, but this quote is so true.... Especially right now.... :(

    • Shannon Harrison

      Sometimes the girl who's always been there for someone else needs someone to be there for her. #encouraging #quotes #spirit #syrup #life #coach #empowering #women @Jill Stephens

    • Megs (Megan Levi)

      Sometimes the girl who's always been there for someone else needs someone to be there for her. This is a quote that I have heals on to for the longest time. This and the phrase love live live when you give it all away it comes back to you. I used to scream at god for not allowing love into my life. And lately, people have been there for me the way I had always been there for them. It's a beautifully refreshing feeling!


      real fact! #quote #saying #beautiful #inspirational #type #zitat

    • meghan myers

      Exactly how I feel...ever since I've moved from VT my phone hardly rings, the texts are slim to family, husband and dog seem to be the only ones there at times...almost like my life all the way up until I was 23 was a dream. All the friends I had weren't really there because it's a rarity to hear from them. Sometimes I feel I try too hard...what if I stopped? How many people would really reach out to me? How many people are really going to read this and say "oh MEG didn't really type that so I'm not even gunna read it" I'm tired. Tired of being down and depressed. Tired of wondering all the time if I even matter to those people I spent so much time with living in VT. I'm forgotten. This feeling isn't fair for my hubby...he didn't do anything to deserve his best friend to be down and out all the time because she feels like she doesn't mean anything to anybody. Maybe my life was all a big dream before I was 23...just a mirage.

    • Maria Charbel

      Truth. Girl quote

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