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In them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah: "'You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving. -Matthew 13:14 NIV

Going through this right now. I'm hurting bad still over her. It's changing me though because I don't want to love anybody but her...

Forget all the psycho-babel-bullcrap; deep down your heart's love for someone is real. But Never again will I ever allow others to have me think I am somehow codependent. Mourn it, let it go, move on, and be wiser for the next journey...never ever be confused again....

Twitter / ninadobrev: Teen Choice Picture Quote Of ...

the sweetest things you can do for a girl are the little things that let her know she's in your heart and mind

Um you do know your not the only Sagittarius here right? All that shit you pinned doesn't only apply to you. Goddamn dumbass

I agree with this 100% if you bring me down you won't be along for the ride.. Exception: if I can help teach you something or bring you up, but the POSITIVE MUST out weight the negative!

I have not come upon many things in Pinterest I DISAGREE WITH. This is one. I don't agree. It's just as likely that it is Fear, Hurt, Embarrassment, Regret, EGO expressing themselves. They are not the Person. (same as when a person is drunk....) Please be careful what you say, you cannot take it back.... And words can do harm ~ danikaholiday. xox

stay true to you self because there are very few people who will always be true to you

Just relized that way too many of my converstations begin with, 'I saw this thing on Pinterest...' Can I get amen?