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Carved bookness

Altered book art by livre paysage - this is gorgeous! I hate to think of an actual book being destroyed to make it, but it is beautiful.

Paper display. How fun to add to a book shelf!

I have soft spot for old books. I love the smell, the color, the signs of use like a name penciled in or a page marked up. The texture, shape and contrast in this art using old books by South African, Keri Muller is fabulous.

Book Art - Words. Create your own book art! Find books at a Friends of the Library Book Sale to get started. Visit http://www.aapld.org/about-us to find upcoming book sale information.

Book art - The patience this man must have! These incredible works are the art of Issac G. Salazar, available on etsy.

Blackout poetry                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Visual and Found Poetry

create your own gothic love poetry from old book pages as a unique and special valentine or christmas gift Found poetry. This is fabulous, use old books or photocopy book pages. Poetry and art and no two will be the same.

21 Things To Make From Old Books

We would love to see someone make a beautiful music box like this using a vintage book from our book sale! Great gift for any occassion!

amazing book sculpture. I don't know who the artist is and I can't seem to find out. Does anyone know?

amazing book sculpture Looks as if the books story is coming to life, interesting concept very well executed

Hotel Embrujado Libro intervenido Escultura por MalenaValcarcel, €355.00

Hotel Embrujado Libro intervenido Escultura por MalenaValcarcel, - a book has a way of comforting you like a child in a tree house, free to do whatever they like in privacy with just their imagination.

How perfect can it get!

Book sculpture with deer in forest. I could never destroy a book like this, but it's awesome.

'Cave' Altered book by Katherine Johnson 2013 #altered #book #bookart

'Cave' Altered book by Katherine Johnson 2013 - I like to read books mostly but if there's a chance to express how brilliant books are through some fun book-based art, who am I to argue?

Book Sculptures - Jodi Harvey-Brown

inspiration: illustrate a character emerging from the book in sculpted paper} "Rapunzel" book sculpture (artist: Jodi Harvey-Brown)