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  • Sheila Mailhoit VanOrden

    Module 12: Example of Photo Retouching. This is a great example of retouching work. In the original, there were a lot of pores visible and some freckles. In the after image, the face is smooth and blemish free, but also doesn't look plastic or fake. I think it would be easiest to start with the healing brush tool to be able to work with the natural skin tones in that area, then switching to the clone tool for the more complicated areas.

  • unaManu

    Professional #Skin #Retouching #Tutorial #Photshop: Dodge and Burn (Part 2) | PSDFan

  • My Pixie World

    Professional Retouching Tutorial: Dodge and Burn (Part 2) [Includes link to Part 1, ie, Professional Retouching - Healing tutorial]

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eyelash brush tutorial. I do like to take a really small fan brush and actually paint the lashes on my models - I feel like it gives me more control over the outcome of the mascara application.

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Retouching tutorial-really? We cant just enjoy babies? I get brightening so you can see better, but they are all beautiful with their acne and red blotches and all.

I am no fan of totally changing the way someone looks, but this is worth the look to see how it is done. Will I do all this to my photos? No.

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