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peacock: probably favorite "big bird" saw one on vacation up close and the colors were so stunning I literally had tears in my eyes! wowww God is amazing!

Ohhhh WOW! Pattern at its finest in nature, green with exuberant frivolous delight ||| gorgeous green peacock #pattern #design

Now THAT is a bird. Only a peacock could look so regal. Well, maybe a bald eagle could, too, but if you lined them up next to each other? The peacock would kick the eagle's butt in vanity.

Green Peacock by Eka Novianto, via 500px - Bird Park of Jakarta.

Wish my own skin was a beautiful as this. I can't help but laud my creator when I see things so lovely and perfect as this.

Proud Peacock in Orchid Garden

Peacocks, owned a pair. They had the greatest call, especially in the springtime. They are truly beautiful.

Random Pictures Of The Day - 71 Pics

'Peacock 1' (2012) photographed by prerna jain. Bharatpur, Indian state of Rajasthan. via Prerna02 on flickr