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    A rather innocuous picture of Dutch Jews arriving at Theresienstadt. Though technically a Concentration and Transport Camp, tens of thousands of people died at Theresienstadt of disease, starvation, and brutality. Unlike other camps, Theresienstadt held mostly political prisoners of Dutch, Polish, Russian, Czech, and other nationalities. Most Jews were at Theresienstadt for only a short time before being transported to an Extermination Camp.

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Princess Elizabeth with B-17G Rose of York of the US 306th Bomb Group, Thurleigh, England (US Army Air Forces photo). On 6 July 1944, King George Princess Elizabeth visited Thurleigh and christened the B-17 in honor of the princess's 18th birthday.

US Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson greeting a Japanese-American US Army captain of 442nd Regimental Combat Team, Route 68, north of Cecina, Italy, 6 July 1944 (US Army Signal Corps)

July 5, 1944: A sapper from No. 1 Platoon, 277th Field Park Company, Royal Engineers, with his mine detector dog "Nigger" in the area of Bayeux.

1940s Sailor and GI Buddy Exchange Hats ~

World War II: Church Service in Cologne Cathedral, 1945 An American Army chaplain leads a group of kneeling soldiers (still armed with rifles) in prayer in Germany's famous Cologne Cathedral. This Margaret Bourke-White photograph captures the first service in the cathedral since it was heavily bombed by the Allies a month earlier -- and for those anxiously watching the events unfolding in Europe, half a world away, suggests not only the conflict's harrowing destruction and loss, but also, ju...

After taking Carentan, Normandy '44

London. A station commander sleeps briefly while awaiting the return of his night bomber crews. Life in London during The Blitz of World War II in 1939-40. 1940.

Public Domain: WWII: London Blitz (HD-SN-99-02668 DOD/NARA)

The Women's Land Army took over the agricultural jobs in the UK during WWI and WWII – a cow-milking answer to Rosie the Riveter.

The Elephant and Castle underground station during the “Blitz” (7 September 1940-10 May 1941). Photograph by Bill Brandt.

U.S. Women riveters working on bombers at the Chrysler Corporations De Soto Bomber Plant in Detroit, MI, 1942 ~

Three year old Eileen Dunne in her bed at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children. She was injured in an air raid on London in September 1940.

US sailor manning an anti-aircraft gun, 1943 ~

Karelia , Russia WW2 - SS Nazi motorcycle crew struggle in the notorious Russian mud.

I love this photograph. 9th Armored Division technician Alvin Harley with a little French girl on Valentines Day, 14 Feb 1945


A lone British soldier stands up to his knees in spent shell cases. France, WWI.

A typewriter designed to conserve the metal needed for the war effort during World War II, c. 1940s.

African-American soldier with a German child on his knee, Munich, 1945, (b/w photo)

30 Unique Photographs from Our Past - Seriously, For Real?

30 Unique Photographs from Our Past - Seriously, For Real?

30 Unique Photographs from Our Past - Seriously, For Real?

30 Unique Photographs from Our Past - Seriously, For Real?

3 members of the American Red Cross in a 'stolen' Schimmwagen. The Americans took it when the Germans left it behind.

German soldier saying goodbye