How I feel about my best friends.


Dila Von Teese

so true

Friends, Best Friends~ and that's what friends are for! =)

True friends ... I have these.


Introductions. I like many things about this image. 1) Jim Henson & Sesame Street. 2) The sentiment about friends, and 3) I LOVE cookies. and cake. and all sweets really. I'm really trying to be better about that. Or at least work out... sometimes.

Best Friends.

my best friend

"The She to My Nanigans" Shirt. I need this in my life. ASAP.

@Chandra Dukes Lopez, @Taya Houston <3 My Wifies (p.s. you are both actully much strong than this)


Leah Denise Bowling Mosley and Ashley Brooke Mills McDougall, I love you girls and am so lucky to have you in my life ~ :o)

Friend quotes


best friend


All the time:)