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Underwater wedding dress. last shot of the night? i mean you'll never wear it again in your life, and it would look AWESOME

Underwater Photography--i think this is the year to start experimenting with this

Section quoted from Cheryl's website, "Craving color and light today. No textures or processing. I would focus my camera on something away from this and then come in with it slightly out of focus. It was a nice way to play in the sun if anything. :) Instructions to make your own glitter: Take one abalone shell, add beads, spray with a mist of water. Add sunlight. Play with a macro lens."

Alberto Seveso / Photographs of ink in water

What a fun pic! i LOVE this photo and can totally see Steven and I doing this as a family photo in a few years!

Miss Moss : Matt Wisniewski

“The sun shines not on us but in us.” ~ John Muir

~~Glowing Tendrils ~ close-up of a sea anemone in a tide pool by Mimi Ditchie~~

The artistry here is amazing. Looks a bit like a wedding photo but still gorgeous.